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While the benefits are numerous, in a nutshell, Iron Point Financial Advisors is an attractive option if you want the increased flexibility and earning power that comes with owning your own business, but still want the collaboration of a team and the shared administrative support that comes with being part of a group. We are able to offer you the same excellent product selection and superior service that independent broker dealers have become known for, while also lessening your administrative business duties and expenses.

Benefits of joining Iron Point Financial Advisors:

  • Protect your practice and lessen your burden with outsourced compliance
  • Ability to get paid quicker with fewer rejections on paperwork
  • Collaborative versus combative relationship with the home office
  • Negotiating power on platform pricing, special situations and commissions with broker dealer
  • Lower overhead costs with shared location, furniture and equipment
  • Coaching, mentoring and local support to reach your business goals
  • Camaraderie and joint work with experienced planning and product professionals
  • Training for you and your staff
  • Market under an established branch brand or receive support in building your own brand
  • Built-in succession and contingency planning
  • Built-in support for operational issues and problem resolution assistance
  • Ability to enjoy independence while still receiving support

Learn about Iron Point Financial Advisors collaborative culture.

Contact Us at (877) 932-4101 x 6 to learn more.

Take Action. Start building your business today.  (877) 932-4101

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