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Grow by Joining a Branch

February 23, 2018

Grow by Joining a Branch

As an independent advisor, you have the choice of joining a branch or going it alone. Affiliating with a branch office lets you create the business model that works best for you and your clients while having the support of other experienced professionals at the branch level and the broker-dealer level. By affiliating with an established branch, you can reduce costs, get help with training, network with other advisors in the branch and be supported by branch staff.

Create Your Own Brand Prestige

Independent advisors like you rely on your unique brand to attract and retain clients. As part of a branch office, you can brand yourself individually or using the already established branch name to attract and retain clients. By sharing the branch brand, you may be able to reach more prospective clients than you would under your own brand, as the combined marketing dollars can spread the brand name farther.

Get More for Your Money

The costs associated with technology, compliance and business development rise each year. Affiliation with a branch office can help you control these costs. You can also leverage the branch support staff to handle administrative and compliance tasks, saving time and money on hiring, training and administrative support.

Count on Cutting-Edge Technology, Extraordinary Service, Training and Support

As part of a branch, you receive two levels of service: support from the branch office and from the broker-dealer. Branches provide administrative services, help processing business, supervision oversight and best practice solutions. Branch managers work closely with the broker-dealer so they can pass on information about new products and technology available to you. You get the added benefit of coaching from your branch manager and the broker dealer to help you reach your business goals, with your branch manager there to provide day-to-day support.

Built-In Succession Planning and contingency planning

Finding the right successor for your business after running it for years can be a struggle. Within a branch, you can build relationships with other advisors that may evolve into a succession plan for their practice or your own. In addition, clients see the strength of having your branch colleagues to back you up if you are away or something unexpected happens.

More Benefits of Joining a Branch

  1. Protection for your practice with reduced compliance burden
  2. Coaching, mentoring and local support to reach your business goals
  3. Camaraderie and joint work with planning and product experts
  4. Training for you and your staff
  5. Better marketing reach using an established branch brand or support in building your own brand
  6. Built-in succession and contingency planning, strength in continuity for your clients
  7. Built-in support for basic operational issues and problem resolution assistance
  8. Satisfaction of being in business for yourself, not by yourself


Joining an independent branch doesn’t make you less independent as an advisor. Tapping into the support, service and shared expenses of a branch can free your time and financial resources for activities that benefit your clients and grow your book. Even if you already have your own office and staff, joining forces with a branch can bring additional benefits like easier continuity and succession planning. Make it part of your 2018 planning to consider whether becoming part of a branch can help you achieve your goals. Contact Iron Point for a no-obligation coaching call on how having a continuity plan through a branch can help you reduce stress and protect your practice.