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How Many Millennials are you Working With?

How Many Millennials are you Working With?

September 01, 2021

Are you preparing for the next generation of your business by actively working with Millennials? They’re an economic force to be reckoned with, and they represent a significant growth opportunity. 2021 is a notable year for the Millennial generation as the oldest of them turn 40. 

Over the next several decades, the baby boomer generation, the largest and wealthiest in history, will transfer over $50 trillion from their generation to the next. By not understanding Millennials, finding ways to be relevant or engaging with them or adapting to their expectations, you will lose out on many opportunities. But if you can adapt and respond to these changes you will have a distinct advantage. Baby boomers often mistakenly believe it’s difficult to connect with millennials. But it’s actually straightforward ­— if you have a good understanding of who they are as a generation. So how do you position yourself to be relevant? You first need to know your audience. In the case of millennials, look at what sets them apart from other generations and what you can do to make yourself marketable.

Are you interested in learning how to grow your business with Millennial clients? Our experts say there are seven key facts you need to know…click on the link below for our Millennial infographic and get started now. 

In today’s competitive marketplace, engaging this demographic is a must, but having top shelf resources to do so can be a challenge. As one of the top regional firms with Securities America, Inc., we are committed to serving financial professionals and their clients, we excel at working with independent financial professionals, offering the benefit of local support to help build your practice coupled with comprehensive financial professional business resources from one of the leading wealth management networks in the financial services industry.

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