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Is Your Website Making a Positive Impression On Visitors?

June 21, 2018

It’s critical that every advisor has a strong online presence. Convincing people to click on your website is just half the battle. You have to keep users engaged and give them a reason to keep returning to your website.

What often separates a professional website design from an amateur website are the small details. Your website should be visually appealing in order to attract prospective clients. Listed below are a series of tips that you can incorporate into your website not only grow your practice, but also bring in new clients.

Color Scheme
Your colors should blend and complement each other. Ideally, you want one main color and one subtle accent color. If your practice has a set color scheme be sure it is carried throughout your website. 

Masthead Logo
Whether your practice has a brand name and/or both, it needs to be the first thing users see and should be displayed in the masthead on the home page of your website. Your logo reflects the mission and the vison of your business by communicating those messages to potential clients.

Your background should have a strong visual impact that sets the tone for user experience. Textures can highlight elements such as titles, headings, icons and buttons. It also draws user’s eyes to the call to action and main headings.

Fonts and sizes
The font you use reflects what your website and business is all about. Choosing an appropriate font design creates a “magical” power. It makes your website more visually appealing, creates an ease feeling for users which improves their overall experience on your website.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Photos can convey emotion, describe a feature or product in detail, can illustrate a concept and set a tone, all without reading a single word. Photos may be the single most critical piece to a successful website.

Menus and Navigation
Website navigation is key to your site’s ability to attract and retain visitors. If your website is navigationally confusing, scattered or non-existent, users will never find the important content and may not return. Keep it simple by making your links easy to find, understand and to the point. The goal to effective navigation is to be user friendly so they’ll return to your website.

Often, a prospective client’s first impression of your practice is a result of what they see and experience on your website. A positive impression could lead them to become a client for life. But even the slightest negative experience could lead to another advisor’s site.

So if you haven’t updated your website recently or had it reviewed by a marketing consultant, don’t wait. It could cost you clients in the meantime.

For a no-obligation coaching call to learn more ways you can make your website more professional, visually appealing and user friendly, contact Iron Point today.