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Mastering the Client Review

July 27, 2021

In today’s highly competitive environment, no financial professional can afford to take clients for granted — especially those with substantial assets. Many high net worth clients have more than one advisor — and it’s safe to assume any of their advisors would welcome additional assets from those clients. How can you help ensure that your best clients stay with you through the ups and downs of the markets? Service is the key. Service is often cited by high net worth clients as a reason for switching financial professionals.

Reviews are the most visible and most personal type of service that you deliver to clients, and they play a huge role in client retention. To truly master them, it’s essential to see reviews as more than a forum to discuss investment performance, and instead approach them as opportunities to deliver value on many levels. The result will be stronger client relationships and new opportunities to gather assets and win quality referrals.

Within the Mastering Client Reviews brochure, you’ll find ideas to help you take your reviews to the next level and expand your existing client relationships. These ideas were designed primarily for use with annual reviews, but the principles can be applied to semiannual and even quarterly reviews as well. Mastering the Client Review is one of many resources available to help you manage your practice, evaluate your service offering and formulate a strong value proposition.

Contact Iron Point today if you are interested in discussing the client review process in more detail. You can also register here to access the Mastering Client Review brochure and even more resources to help you manage your practice.

Article provided by Franklin Templeton.