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Six Reasons you Should Consider Seminars

October 19, 2017

Six reasons you should consider seminars

Seminars provide one of the best opportunities to convey your message to a large audience.

If you want to strengthen your marketing plan, consider these six reasons to add seminars to your strategy.

Seminars can grow your business
No matter how good business has been over the past few years, your practice must continue to grow. Seminars are a great way to source the new clients you need to thrive. They put you in front of new people who can fill your prospecting pipeline. Seminars are also a proven method for increasing business with existing clients, because they present opportunities to cross sell, increase client retention and improve the overall client experience.

They showcase your best asset
Seminars provide a public platform to showcase your best asset: yourself. The typical client probably has no idea what differentiates you from any other financial advisor. But when they attend a seminar, they’ll learn the answers to two critical questions: What makes you special and why should I work with you? What other scenario provides the opportunity to spotlight your most positive attributes to a room full of people? When presenting, you can show them you’re smart, confident, funny, warm and even inspiring.

You can tap into the group dynamic
The dynamic of a room full of people is powerful. When you put individuals together, they become a group. Participants generally become more aware and attuned to the people around them. They react to you based on their own impulses and their perception of the other people’s reactions. A good presenter can tap into the emotional flow of the audience. Mastering and controlling the group dynamic is an advanced speaking skill, but when done well, can be extremely powerful and help you grow your practice.

They make people smarter
Seminars give you a forum to discuss important strategies and topics that help people make better decisions with their finances. Whether you cover saving for college, planning for retirement, developing a plan to maximize social security, reducing taxes or simply growing their money wisely, you can make a seminar informative and fun. When done correctly, a seminar will give prospective clients a stronger decision-making framework and clarify their choices.

Seminars systematize referrals
A seminar provides a relaxed, nonthreatening, educational venue that requires little effort or risk from your client. All they have to do is show up. If they enjoy and appreciate what you present, it’s likely they will refer a friend or two.

They leverage your time
Time is a precious commodity, so increasing your reach can lead to a significant boost to your business. Seminars allow your story to be told to a large group, which is far more effective than telling the same story to one person at a time. A single seminar can keep your appointment calendar filled for weeks, maybe months. Hosting a series of seminars throughout the year can generate more business with less energy than any other marketing strategy you could use. Contact Iron Point for a no-obligation coaching call to learn more ways to strengthen your marketing plan.