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Ways to Nurture Client Relationships

May 16, 2022

Client events are a proven way for financial professionals to demonstrate appreciation, strengthen the client-financial professional relationship, and increase the chance of being introduced to clients' family, friends, and other professionals.

There are many ways to stay in front of current clients or to prospect for new ones. Here are a few ideas that you can use to make the connection and provide you an opportunity to talk specifically about financial planning.

Client Event Best Practices

  • Smaller groups with “bring a friend” works best because it allows you to connect with each person and have an opportunity for a warm prospect introduction
  • Make it personable and memorable. You want people to continue to talk about the event long after it is over
  • Make it easy, convenient, and safe
  • Demonstrate that you know the client
  • Make time for conversation and connecting
  • Develop a follow-up strategy for events that requires people to return to your office to collect something, such as an item you’ve personalized for them
  • Partner with a wholesaler to help fund an event

Events That Have Worked for Financial Professional Peers

Golf Clinic
Invite a client and two of the client’s friends to meet with a golf pro for private instruction, followed by a round of golf. Some cities offer a downtown location for video swing analysis and a private lesson for a small group. This provides the opportunity to talk about retirement planning so the client/prospect can continue to enjoy golf in their golden years.

Travel the World with One Suitcase
Have a flight attendant come in and speak about how to properly pack a suitcase. Have a discussion on international investing to tie-in with the travel theme.

Flower Arranging
Invite clients and have them bring a friend and have everyone bring their favorite vase. The florist makes an arrangement for each person’s vase, and while doing this instructs on the basics of flower arranging. Each client and prospect brings home their vase of flowers. This is usually an inexpensive undertaking—the florist wants to prospect for clients too, so they’ll often do this just for the cost of flowers.

“Your Kids Don’t Want It”
Invite a local designer/interior decorator to talk about how to de-clutter the home. Many clients are hanging on to stuff to pass along to their kids. The decorator talks about how to decorate only with things you really love, and get rid of the rest. Pre-retirees and Baby Boomers are a great group to target with this idea.

It's important to remember that these events are about your clients, not you. Base your choices around what your clients would enjoy doing or what would benefit them the most, and keep the selling to a minimum. Business is built on personal relationships, and it's especially true in financial planning and investment management. If you are interested in discussing any of these topics in more detail, give Iron Point a call today!